V1.0.2 Walkthrough!

Need help seeing a specific character’s ending? We got you!! Obviously, SPOILERS ABOUND BELOW, so tread with care!

Work scenarios

Don’t let Work Get You Down

Get an extra opportunity to hang out with someone on most days by struggling through your job!!

Dec 22 - 24

  • Need something sparkly? I guess I’ll suggest…“Body glitter”
  • _Something stunning, huh? _– “Hair spray” or “Fruity perfume”
  • Something good for kids…”‘KiDZ Corner: Eyeshadow Palette’”
  • Something ARA would like… “Pink nail polish” or “Juicy lip glaze”
  • Eco-friendly brands… “Shampoo with horse graphics on the label” or “Sunscreen with a monkey logo”
  • Something an older woman would appreciate… – “Lickable body glitter” a boyfriend might really enjoy this… – “Bold face paint” or “Hair gel”
  • What kind of makeup would make a good “make-up gift”?“Just get a giftcard”
  • Something classy for an interview, huh… – “Simple eyeshadow” or “Dark pink lipstick”

Dec 26 - 28

  • “Hm… The customer seems awfully down.”“Sentimentality Sample: Sentinel Sol’s Palette”
  • The customer is looking insecure. – Oof. There’s no right answer :(
  • She’s bawling. Is there anything I can do? – Sentimentality Sample: Glitter Compact
  • I can’t hear ARA’s voice anymore… Well, maybe we have something that can help!Sentimentality Sample: ARA’s Brush Set

Dec 29 - 30

  • Hey, please don’t break the glass!Sentimentality Sample: ARA’s Brush Set
  • Is he… foaming at the mouth? — Throw literally anything at him
ARA's route


ARA wants to feel understood by MC, and she wants MC to value her opinions and help more than she did in the past! This is your second chance with her, so if you say the wrong thing, you lock her route for the rest of the game.

If you have 3 hearts by Christmas, she’ll show up at your apartment!

But the hearts don’t matter after Christmas. Unlock ARA’s romantic ending simply by making it through her route without getting locked out >:3

Dec 20

  1. When Leez looks like she might faint or develop an unhealthy fixation. Will she get fired? I should do something!, choose Signal ARA for help! (+1)

Dec 22

  1. When (I still need to talk to her about why she even agreed to do this campaign in the first place), choose Admit you feel lost (+1).

Dec 26

  1. When ARA suggests “Until someone has another lead, I think we should investigate Leez”, don’t Suspect ARA (route locked).

ARA Scene 1

  1. When some rude cafe patrons start mocking ARA, Confront the antis (+1)

ARA Scene 2

  1. When ARA starts leaning in, choose “Uhhh, how about we take things a little slower…” for +1 heart.

ARA Scene 3

  1. When you’re in the photobooth and she asks “Quick! What’s the last one going to be?”, choose Kiss her cheek (+1).
  2. When she brings up past fights with the Black Hole Carnival and says “Yeah well. It wouldn’t have been so rough if we went with my plan instead”…
    • if you choose “Tell her to let go of the past”, when she says “I’m not sure if anyone understands me.”, choose “I want to”.
    • if you choose “Defend your decisions”, when she wishes you listened to her opinions and says “… Especially when we fought the Carnival.”, choose “Agree”.

ARA Scene 4

Just drama :)

ARA Scene 5

  1. When she apologizes and pours her heart out, and says “I’m sorry for not telling you, and I’m sorry for disappointing you.”, choose “Forgive her”.
  2. When she asks if you think it’s better that magic disappear, and says “If it doesn’t exist, then people like me won’t be able to abuse it”, choose “Disagree”.
Leez's route


Leez is your work wife! As such, she values your support, but doesn’t want empty advice or platitudes. You’ll get further by being direct and honest, showing her you can rely on her too, and getting a little weird (*owl noise*).

Due to PLOT, Leez is unavailable for afternoon hangs from Dec 26-28! Plan to hang out with her before Christmas at least twice to complete her route.

If you have 2 hearts by Christmas, she’ll show up at your apartment!

Unlock Leez’s endings, both romantic and friendship, by keeping your hearts at or above 2, completing all her scenes, asking her to join the team, and allowing her to release the final battle footage to the people.

Dec 20

  1. Right now is not the time to “defend magical girls” (-1). Choose “Agree with her” or “Deflect

Dec 22

  1. When you try to get to work in the morning, “Force your way through the crowd”, then Call out for Leez (+1)

Dec 26-27

  1. Leez is gettin weird

Dec 28

  1. When Leez stumbles in on the group, Tell her the truth.
  2. When she asks “Whatever’s happening is spreading fast. It’s going to be a big fight, isn’t it?”, if you have at least 1 heart, choose Join us, Leez.

Leez Scene 1

  1. Tell her “You seem at home here” and when Leez makes owl sounds, YOU Make owl sounds (+1) and avoid saying “Just don’t do it at the store.” (-1).
  2. When Leez is feeling down about the future and says “I could do so much more if I had magic.”, remind her that Nature is a kind of magic. (+1). Burning out on her passions is what she’s afraid of.

Leez Scene 2

  1. For Question 2, don’t choose animal print (-1). Leez loves animals :(
  2. For Question 3, choose Fulvous (+1). It’s an orangey-yellow often used to describe bird plumage. Duh.
  3. When Leez shares her anxiety by saying “If I pick something… what if I’m bad at it? What if I pick wrong?”, choose “I think you know what you want. You’re just scared.” (+1)

Leez Scene 3

  1. When she asks “Do you think making a career out of something you love always leads to losing your passion for it?”, choose It’s about balance (+1). Be realistic here.

Leez Scene 4

  1. Good vibes only :)

After the Battle

  1. When Leez asks if she can release the footage of the Sentinel’s final battle to the world, decide to Release the footage.
Miranda's route


When you talk to Miranda, listen to her, and make sure she knows you’re listening! Miranda wants to be heard, wants you to be there with her, but doesn’t like unsolicited solutions or empty reassurances.

If you have 2 hearts by Christmas, she’ll show up at your apartment!

Unlock Miranda’s endings, both romantic and friendship, by keeping your hearts at or above 2 and completing all her scenes.

Dec 20

  1. When the group first meets up, choose “I’d love to see what you’re working on.” or “I wouldn’t have but… Allister said it was an emergency.” If you do pick “Yeah, being a magical girl was hard on all of us”, and she gets frustrated, apologize!

Miranda Scene 1

  1. Put on the safety gear to avoid losing a heart. I mean, c’mon.
  2. When she says “I feel like I don’t have the same creative spark”, ask what inspires her (+1). Give her the chance to express herself.
  3. When she shows you the jewelry box, tell her “This is beautifully crafted” (+1). You might have noticed she’s not super thrilled about her magic right now…
  4. When she explodes the jewelry box, choose “Ohhh, sparkly!!” (+1). Give her a different perspective on her work being beautiful even when it’s gone (…even if by her own hand)

Miranda Scene 2

  1. When she tells you about trying to work without magic and says “Honestly, it’s a bit strange building something this way”, choose “Ask her why.” (+1) Help her know you’re listening and interested.
  2. When she gets frustrated and disappears back into her work, “Push her to talk.” (+1)
  3. When she brings up feeling helpless and dependent against the Shadow Society at the Natural History Museum, tell her “There are plenty of times you took initiative” (+1).

Miranda Scene 3

  1. When Miranda asks what you feel about your magic, tell her “The magic is just something I carry with me.” (+1). Can you tell Miranda actually kind of likes her magic, just not its associations? But definitely avoid talking about the legacy of magical girls– Miranda doesn’t care about that.
  2. When she asks “Do you think magic is really disappearing?” ask her “Will you miss it?” (+1)
  3. Finally, when she asks you what you’d like her to make, give her a concrete answer to avoid losing a heart. Anything but “Anything you want” (-1)

Miranda Scene 4

  1. When she reveals her gift to you and feels insecure about its imperfections, “Tell her you like its imperfections.” (+1).
Secret ship!!

Secret Ship!!

For an extra special epilogue, complete BOTH Leez and Miranda’s routes with friendship choices:

  1. In Leez Scene 4, when she says “Sorry, I was trying to feel your organs!”, choose “Do you do this to all your friends?”
  2. In Miranda Scene 4, when she says “Oh, well, two spontaneous shooting stars in less than a minute might look suspicious…”, choose “I’m joking with you, pal.
  3. Choose either Leez or Miranda on New Year’s Eve
    • If you choose Miranda…
      1. when she says “And what exactly will we be digging into?”, choose “Friendship
    • If you choose Leez…
      1. After the fight, choose “Release the footage.”
      2. When talking to Leez, after “But that’s just it. Everything with you is an adventure. And I want to keep having adventures with you…”, choose “Call her Bestie.”
  4. Enjoy <3
Final encounter tips


  1. For an easy win, use Sentinel Starlight’s “Talk” and put in these three names separately
    • Strawberry Saori
    • Muscat Marina
    • Banana Bri

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